"I never dreamed I would be a camera-happy mom, but when my son was born, my camera became permanently attached to my hand. It was so hard trying to get him to focus on the camera long enough to get a good shot. We used the ShutterBuddy and he was immediately mesmerized by the colors and patterns, he was finally staring straight at the camera, and better yet, smiling! He absolutely loves it – and I love the results!"
Erika F., Scottdale, GA

"Since our daughter is so young (8 days old), I was unsure how responsive she would be to the ShutterBuddy. However, she became instantly interested in the ShutterBuddy and continually followed it with her eyes. I was really impressed! We were able to take great alert and wide-eyed photos of our new baby."
Kim N., Atlanta, GA

"Thanks to ShutterBuddy, we were finally able to capture the true expression of our daughter Paryn. We wish it had been available for our first daughter."
Betsy C., Charleston, SC

"As first time parents, we have certainly gone snap happy when it comes to taking photos of our daughter Maddie. But to get that "good shot" - you know the one where she's acutally looking at the camera - it's been a two man operation. Until we tried ShutterBuddy! When we used ShutterBuddy on both our digital camera and flip video, it captivated Maddie's attention right away! Finally photos and videos where she's looking right at ya! Thank you for the precious memories ShutterBuddy!"
- Nicole, Stone Mountain, GA

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